Florence – Porta Romana

Sherman Tanks at the Porta Romana in Florence, 1944.
Then image: IWM (?)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel
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Siena – Piazza del Campo

On their way to Florence General Clark visits the Piazza del Campo in Siena, 14 July 1944. We seen him before in Battipaglia during Operation Avalanche.
Then image: http://www.iltesorodisiena.net
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu

Salerno – Lungomare Trieste

While disembarkation on the beaches continued, some ships dared to sail directly to the port of Salerno in 1943. Here soldiers entering the boulevard Lungomare Trieste.
Then image: IWM (Imperial War Museum)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Aachen – Weißenburger Straße

Volksturm surrender in the Weißenburger Straße in Aachen in 1945.
Then image: ??
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Acerno (3) – Piazza Pasquale Freda

Allied troops in the tiny mountain village of Acerno, Italy in 1943.
Then image: USNA
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu, Cor Sleutel

Malmedy – Place de Rome

Battle of the Bulge; Sherman tanks at the Place de Rome in Malmedy, december 1944.
Then image: ??
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Gillrath – An der Burg

Infantry march through Gillrath near Geilenkirchen, 5 December 1944.
Then image: © IWM (BU 1409)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Impruneta – Via della Fonte

Sherman tank in the Via della Fonte in Impruneta, Italy, 1944.
Then image: IWM (imperial war museum)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu

Impruneta – Vicolo della Croce

Infantry moving cautiously through the ruined streets of Imprunet(t)a, Italy 3 August 1944. My sister acting as one of the infantryman.
Then image: © IWM (NA 17570)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Siegburg – Ringstraße

A forward observer team of the 97th infantry division takes cover in a doorway of the Marienkapelle while calling for a fire misison on German positions inside Siegburg, 10 april 1945
Then image: Tech/5 F. Linden, 165th Signal Corps Company
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel