Beringen (2)

Same soldiers of the Welsh Guards are trying to hold the bridge in Beringen in 1944.
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Beringen (1)

The city of Beringen, Belgium was liberated in September 1944. Here soldiers of the Welsh Guards are trying to hold the bridge.
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Split – Sinjska Ulica (2)

Invasion of German troops, wall with inscription “Smrt Fasizmu – Sloboda Narodu”; PK 666, meaning Death to Fascism – Freedom to the People “; PK 666.
Note the kid on the right that’s barely visible in my merge.
Then image: Wikimedia
Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-049-1553-13 / Gruber, Dr. / CC-BY-SA 3.0
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Aachen – Theaterstraße

Allied Soldiers guiding German POW at the Theaterstrasse, Aachen, into captivity.
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Now image: / Cor Sleutel 2015

Nürnberg – Marktplatz

Hitler youth march in Nürnberg with Baldur van Schirach saluting his youth. With in front of him Julius Streicher of the anti-semic newspaper “Der Stürmer”.
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Nürnberg – Zeppelinfeld

Allied soldier at the Zeppelinfeld in Nürnberg in 1945.
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Omaha Beach – Widerstandsnest 65

Troops of the 2nd Infantry Division at the Easy Red sector, Omaha beach, 6 June 1944.
Then image: National Archives Washington D.C.
Now image: / J. Dortmundt

Alphen – Goedentijd

Meeting of the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade (1st Polish Armoured Division) before a building on the junction of the Raadhuisstraat / Goedentijd in Alphen, 1944.
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Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Alpen – Burgstraße

German prisoners being searched by 53rd (Welsh) Division troops in
Alpen, Germany 11 March 1945.
Then image: © IWM (B 15541)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Strijen – The Kaai

German soldiers before ‘t Wapen van Strijen at the Kaai, Strijen.
Note: Note the ornaments on the house that are not there anymore.
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Now image: / Cor Sleutel, 28 April 2018